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    Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement

    1. No Cancellation Policy. The user group ("User," which term encompasses all participants playing under User) is obligated to pay for the ice time or other services reserved at DV Holland Hockey pursuant to this Agreement, whether or not User actually uses the ice time/services. If User notifies DV Holland Hockey in advance that it is unable to use the ice time/services, DV Holland Hockey will attempt, but is not obligated, to resell the ice time/services on behalf of User. If DV Holland Hockey is unable to resell such ice time/services, User will be billed in full for the number of hours of ice time/services rented under this Agreement.

    2. Payment. User not on an extended seasonal agreement must pay the rate shown on the face of this Agreement at least one week in advance of User's scheduled ice rental time. Payments must be made to DV Holland Hockey 4444 Holland, MI 49424 between a.m. and p.m. weekdays, or on weekends if the Arena Manager is on duty. Payments may be mailed to the above address.

    3. Resurfacing. Each hour of use will include resurfacing time of not more than fifteen (15) minutes. DV Holland Hockey reserves the right to resurface the ice at the end of each fifty (50) minutes of use for rentals that are for more than one (1) hour.

    4. Emergencies/Special Circumstances. DV Holland Hockey reserves the right to cancel any scheduled rental time due to emergencies or special circumstances. In the event of such cancellation, a mutually satisfactory alternative time and date will be substituted for the cancelled time where possible.

    5. Use of Facilities. NO SMOKING is allowed in the building. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed in or around DV Holland Hockey. Except for concession stand or vending machine commodities, food and beverages of any kind are not allowed in the building, unless the Arena Manager grants permission. Users must abide by and obey all rules, regulations and procedures of DV Holland Hockey and acknowledge that arena personnel have full authority to enforce the same.

    6. Restroom/Locker Room Use. User shall occupy only the designated locker room and restroom facilities. User must leave his/her car keys at the DV Holland Hockey office to obtain keys to the designated locker room. Locker rooms must be vacated no later than thirty (30) minutes after the end of the scheduled ice use. If the assigned locker room does not meet with management's approval upon inspection, User will be billed a minimum amount of $10.00 for custodial costs and/or any costs incurred by DV Holland Hockey to repair any damage. For Users consisting of minors seventeen (17) years of age and under, an adult supervisor must be present at all times and be responsible to open and close the locker room.

    7. Helmets. For hockey scrimmages or game-type rentals or instructional sessions, User must mandate that all participants wear hockey helmets while on the ice or while in the bench area. Helmets are optional for coaches.

    8. Equal Opportunity. DP Fox Sports & Entertainment, L.L.C. ("DP Fox") is an equal opportunity organization that adheres to the doctrine of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in all of its recreational programs at DV Holland Hockey. It does not deny, and shall not condone the denial of the full enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, advantages or accommodations of DV Holland Hockey because of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex or marital status to any person, except where permitted by law. As a condition precedent to this agreement to rent space, together with the right to the continuation of this use, User acknowledges and affirms, by signing this form, that it
    does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex or marital status against any person, whether employee, program participant or spectator, except where permitted by law.

    9. Liability. User agrees to indemnify and hold DV Holland Hockey and its owner, manager, officers, agents and employees, including DP Fox and its affiliates (collectively, the "Releasees"), harmless from any and all loss, cost and expense arising out of any liability, or claim of liability, for injury or damage to person or property sustained by anyone due to the use of DV Holland Hockey as provided herein, whether caused by the negligence of Releases or otherwise, or by any act or omission of User or any of its officers, agents, employees, members, patrons, invitees or participants, and User shall pay any and all damages to DV Holland Hockey due to such persons.

    10. Release. User releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue the Releasees and each of them from any loss, liability or damage sustained by User or its officers, agents, employees, members, patrons, invitees or participants that may incur arising out of or related to User's use of DV Holland Hockey, whether caused by the negligence of Releases or otherwise.

    11. Authority. User's representative signing this Agreement on User's behalf represents, acknowledges and affirms that he/she has authority to sign this Agreement and to bind User's officers, agents, employees, meQmbers, patrons, invitees and participants accordingly. User acknowledges that DV Holland Hockey is relying on this representation in permitting User to use DV Holland Hockey as provided herein.

    I have read the entire Agreement and understand the rules, regulations and policies of DV Holland Hockey and will inform the User group of the same. I understand that I am responsible for the use of the facility during the rental periods set forth above and agree to reimbursed DV Holland Hockey for any and all damages that occur to the facility as a result of improper or unauthorized use of the same by User group or any individual member of User. DV Holland Hockey reserves the right to cancel future rentals to User for misuse of the building or improper behavior by participants and/or spectators.

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